Her Story

One day my Mom showed me an article from the East Orange Sun newspaper about our struggling neighboring town. It talked about the hardships the town has faced for many years and how some families there live under not such nice situations. I wondered how many children did without? Did without so many important things, like books. It made me think how I would feel if my world did not have books in it.

With the hard times many families are facing some may not even have a car to drive to the Library. The bus has been discontinued to this area and the closest library is not within walking distance. The closest bookstore is not within walking distance either, and even if it were, these families cannot afford the price of the books. It then came to me that it would be nice if we could help our needy neighbors! If every child in our school donated “JUST 1 BOOK” that would equal 763 books! YES 763 BOOKS! Seven hundred sixty three books that we can donate to our needy neighbors just down the road! “JUST 1 BOOK” would make a difference in a child’s life.

That was just 4 short years ago. Since that time, Just 1 Book has grown in to a Multi-State organization. Twice it has been the Kiwanis Governor of Florida’s state project. Just 1 Book has collected and redistributed books from Jacksonville to Homestead, Orlando to Tallahassee, Cocoa Beach to St Petersburg……..and out of state to New Jersey!! To date, over 250,000 books have been collected and redistributed to at risk children.

AND……..Just 1 Book is on the road with a fully functioning Book Mobile!! Come along for the ride, it really is a lot of fun!!